Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has evolved and the rapid growth of social media companies has resulted in a dramatic swing towards digital.

Companies must now have a presence in the digital world resulting in a demand for Digital Marketing skills.


Digital Marketing Apprentices will play their part in Digital Marketing, creating content, search marketing (Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation), email marketing, social media marketing and analytics. As you develop these digital skills you will also study the theory behind them.

Digital Marketing Courses

Starting Off delivers blended training opportunities with the option of fully remote learning and can be accessed by anyone across the UK. We have a training centre in Northampton than can be utilised by learners if required.

Digital Marketer Apprenticeship Level 3

This qualification is for people looking to gain an understanding, experience and the skills to co-ordinate online and technology driven marketing activities. You will learn to plan, implement and apply these skills to drive customer acquisition, customer engagement and customer retention.


This is an 18 months apprenticeship, and the training is broken down into 7 modules:


  • Understanding your product and its market
  • Meeting the business objectives
  • Playing your part in the Digital Marketing Team
  • The Customer Journey and Customer Engagement
  • Web (and App) Development for Desktop and Mobile
  • Get Ready


We then put you through the prestigious Online Squared, developed with Google.

Working with you on Functional Skills

All Apprenticeships require learners to demonstrate a minimum level of Maths & English, however learners may be exempt from these with relevant GCSE grades. Don’t worry if you need to work with us on this as we’ll get you through them as part of your training.