Apprentice life

Explore life as an Apprentice

Being an apprentice has lots of benefits, not only will you be learning and gaining a recognised qualification, you’ll be getting a salary, paid holiday and meet lots of new work colleagues.

Your apprenticeship will last typically between twelve to eighteen months, although they can last longer.


You will work for a minimum of 30 hours and a maximum of 40 hours each week.

You will be paid at least the national minimum apprenticeship wage, this starts at £4.30 (April 2021) per hour during your first year of training. As you progress your wages may increase based upon your performance in the job. When you have turned 19, pay goes up to at least national minimum wage unless you are in your first year of training.

You will be working towards a vocational qualification that is the equivalent to that of GCSE’s, A levels, or even a university Degree. Your employer is required to provide you with 20% off the job learning, meaning they give you the opportunity to learn away from your day job.

Meet lots of new people, make connections and new friends

You will be paid at least the national minimum apprenticeship wage

Apprenticeships typically last between 12 to 18 months

Achieve a qualification equivalent to GCSE, A Level or Degree

"Within the space of a month I am amazed that I have found a job that I am so in love with and I couldn’t have done it without your help!"

Admin Apprentice, 2017