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Luke Reynolds
Luke Reynolds
Very supportive in helping you gain an apprenticeship with good places.
Keylie Woodward
Keylie Woodward
I highly recommend starting off if you want an apprenticeship. Professional, yet friendly to deal with.
Ben Taylor
Ben Taylor
Charlotte Berridge
Charlotte Berridge
Fantastic service that helps you find an apprenticeship and supports you in training throughout as well. Lovely staff who are always willing to help.
Sarah Chisnall
Sarah Chisnall
I personally had a dealing with Jessica, and she was amazing all the way through the process of initial contact all the way upto the point of getting an apprenticeship, constantly keeping in contact with me regular emails and calls, couldn’t have asked for anything better.
Lewis Gibbs
Lewis Gibbs
It's an amazing service that aided me in finding an apprenticeship. The girls are lovely and were all very helpful and attentive when I needed something. Overall, would 100% recommend it to anyone looking for an apprenticeship.
Molly Langton
Molly Langton
Mansour Mansouri
Mansour Mansouri
Very good service for potential employers and the training is also excellent for those who apply themselves.We have used Starting Off on several occasions and would recommend to any potential employer.
Martin Ryan
Martin Ryan

At Starting Off, the environment is very positive, and I have always felt very welcome and supported by the staff at Starting Off. The trainers push you to the best of your ability and I am now a Trainee Support Officer. In my opinion, apprenticeships are one of the best ways to get your career started.


Catherine Kealy, Northampton Borough Council

Business Admin Level 2 & Customer Service Level 2

"After beginning my A -levels at college, I realised that this wasn’t the route for me. I decided to sign up to Starting Off, and I am so glad that I did. The staff are all amazing – the attention and care put in by everyone is great. You get amazing advice on career options and interview techniques. I now work in a Marketing Position at KAB Seating."

Alice Crofts, KAB Seating

Business Admin Level 2

"When I left school, I didn’t feel ready for University, but my apprenticeship through Starting Off enabled me to get a head start in the world of employment and helped me build on important skills such as communication and self-confidence. Working in an office environment helped me learn how to work in a team and exceed set goals and targets. I am now more ready than ever to start my University course."

Michael Maoko, Kajima

Business Administration Level 2

"I am coming to the end of my apprenticeship and my role in CWP has developed. I have experienced working in many roles from Administration to Programming and Development. My apprenticeship has allowed me to dive straight into IT, whilst allowing me to learn and develop my skills"

Liam Wale, Cambridge Weight Plan

IT Level 3

I would really recommend going through the apprenticeship route; learning whilst I was working meant I was developing my knowledge, skills and a huge increase in my confidence, whilst also still earning money to live. Which in turn has enabled me to achieve a promotion at work that I never thought I’d be able to get!


Caroline Donaghy, Northampton Health Charity

"I believe that learning on the job is the best possible way. Starting Off were great and found me a role within the Customer Service Department. Very quickly I understood that being an apprentice, I have the opportunity to learn all parts of the business, and then make a decision as to which area would suit me best. Eight and a half years later I am still with Action Express and I am now the Account Manager. I wouldn’t have been in the position if it hadn’t been for going down the apprenticeship route."

Nick Kanani, Action Express

Customer Service Level 2

"’After doing a year at Sixth Form, I didn’t feel like it was the right path for me. I registered with Starting Off and the process was easy, they got me two interviews within a week! I was offered a position as an Apprentice Mortgage and Protection Administrator. I think an apprenticeship is a great way of progressing within a career. I have now finished my apprenticeship and have been offered a full-time position within the company."

Megan Leach, Anstee & Co

Business Administration Level 3

"I came to Starting Off after I had just finished 6th form with only ever really considering university. After going in for a chat, I knew the apprenticeship route was for me. I ended up being offered a job as the Kettering Recruitment Administrator here at Starting Off. Flash forward almost 5 years and I am now a lead trainer in the training department! My apprenticeship not only allowed me the opportunity to gain a useful qualification, but the chance to make a difference for other people who are now in the same situation as I was."

Chloe Edwards, Starting Off

Business Administration Level 3

I would highly recommend Starting Off to anyone who’s recently finished their GCSE’s or A-Levels and is looking to kick start their career as well as gaining a qualification. Starting Off have some amazing opportunities where you can work your way up instead of going to University. They also have a lot of support in place should you need it.

Lucy Johnson Watson, All Things Management

"Being an Apprentice at Infinis has made me increase my knowledge within the world of employment. I have certainly made some great friends as well as building up my personal professional development and an enjoyment while working. My success through being an Apprentice has encouraged my employer to hire more in the future and to value an Apprentice as an importance asset to the company."

Jack Kitchener, Infinis

Business Administration Level 3

I registered with Starting Off on the Monday and had found an apprenticeship by the Thursday! I would highly recommend them, the staff are extremely friendly & check in with you at every stage, as well as letting you know quickly of new opportunities.

Lucy Bean, Webb Accounting

"Excellent agency! They always keep you updated on new jobs. All of the employees there are extremely helpful. They also help you to prepare properly for each interview you go to. Definitely would recommend to anyone looking for an apprenticeship"

Billy Moore, Sight & Sound

If you are a young adult looking to get a head start in your dream career I would definitely recommend Starting Off. They have been extremely supportive throughout my Apprenticeship and they were able to find me a job I liked very quickly. Starting Off also give you practice interviews, tips and advice so you are always made to feel well prepared and confident when going to these interviews!

Sophie Baxter, Menicon

"Everyone there is so helpful and supportive, it makes the process of applying for jobs a lot easier and less daunting!! I’m very pleased and impressed about my experience with Starting Off!"

Sophie Hudson, CS2 Chartered Surveyors

AAT Level 2 & 3

"After my first year at sixth form, I began to feel that school was not for me and that I wanted to start doing something that was a bit more practical for myself. I liked the fact that as an apprentice you can still learn whilst gaining valuable experience within a role. I now work at Weatherbys as an Accounts & Stakesbook Apdministrator after completing by Business Administration Apprenticeship."

Jamie Jaeger, Weatherbys Ltd

Business Administration Apprentice

"I finished my A Levels and took a gap year as University wasn’t an option for me. I completed a Business Administration Apprenticeship and progressed onto studying AAT upon completion. I have since worked as a Finance Manager and a Finance Business Partner – my career has progressed thanks to the apprenticeship route and I have no student debt!"

Ben Haynes, Motor Neurone Disease Association

AAT Level 4

I was born in Zimbabwe and I had a tough education. At 17 I moved to the UK as an economic migrant. We left Zimbabwe with nothing. I gave up my education to support my family. I secured myself an apprenticeship in Accountancy. In 2012, I qualified as a chartered accountant. I have now set up my own accountancy firm, Broadwing Accountancy Services.

Brian Munjaja, Broadwing Accounting

Starting Off have consistently presented us with potential candidates who have the relevant skill sets to fulfil our apprenticeship positions. The initial and ongoing support, plus the training that they deliver to their apprentices is evident. Having worked with several different apprenticeship providers in the past, I feel confident when recommending Starting Off to other employers.

Sam Nixon - Marketing Manager


"Having Alyssa and Tom join the business has been mutually beneficial. It has enabled us to increase our productivity whilst also allowing them to live and breathe our business. We have big visions for them as we continue growing!"


Online Automotive

"I have used the apprenticeship program over the past 9 years to grow our business from 11 employees turning over £1.1 million to 31 employees £3million. We have successfully recruited and employed in excess of 12 apprentices in all departments including, admin, Technical, Sales and most recently Social media & digital marketing and Network cabling.


"I have offered full time employment to all of our recruits, one of whom now heads my administration team. We also encourage further training and development.


"In the last month I have moved one trainee from another provider to Starting off and the improvement in both learning and enthusiasm has been very noticeable. Thanks for your help and support and I look forward to working with you in the future."

Chris Amies

Adaptive IT Solutions

"Apprentices have proven to be a vital contributor to the success of our business growth, their can do attitude and eagerness alongside their ability to absorb and pick up information quickly has enabled us to fill key gaps within our business where the market may not be able to offer the experience we require.


"It has enabled our business to grow our talent in readiness for future opportunities. Employing an apprentice for us, has also given us the opportunity to tap into individuals that may for whatever reason have chosen not to go into further education, yet still possess the right credentials to be a valuable asset to our organisation due to the support offered by the providers training and mentoring them.


"It’s a cost effective way for our business to continue to develop individuals with external support – benefiting both our business and our employees."

Hannah Hewitt

ACS Recruitment

Apprentices are a vital part of how our approach to succession planning. Our three apprentices that we hired from Starting Off, have developed in to well respected, hard working members of the team.  In the era of the Apprentice levy, I’d absolutely recommend Katie and the team at Starting off to anyone looking to bring in talented young apprentices to their business. They’ll make a real difference.


Infinis 8

"We approached Starting Off, a local agency specializing in apprenticeships for young people in the area. Starting Off shortlisted candidates to our specification, minimum qualification requirements and computer, literacy and numeracy skills.

"Megan joined the Mortgage and Protection Administration Team. She was mentored by Tina who showed her the ropes and began the task of training a complete novice. Megan picked up things quickly and had great IT skills, she taught some of us a lesson!


"The training assignments helped Megan to develop her general business skills and to learn more about Anstee & Co. It was tough sometimes with lots of training and learning to do and the day job as well! In September 2019 Megan completed the training and achieved her qualification.


"In September 2018 we took on a second apprentice based on the experience we had with Starting Off and Megan. Our second apprentice Andie is also undertaking a Level 3 NVQ in Business Administration. I can thoroughly recommend Apprenticeships as a way forward, it has certainly benefitted Anstee & Co. We have gained two fantastic members of staff for our team."


"I have offered full time employment to all of our recruits, one of whom now heads my administration team. We also encourage further training and development.


"In the last month I have moved one trainee from another provider to Starting off and the improvement in both learning and enthusiasm has been very noticeable. Thanks for your help and support and I look forward to working with you in the future."

Anstee & Co

"Apprentices are absolutely key in supporting our plans for the future. The challenges in recruitment are well documented nationally and also within our own industry. There aren’t hundreds of people to choose from with a ready-made skills set. Finding people who fit in with our culture, who have the right attitude and who are able and willing to learn, is much more important to us. It’s a much better route. We get to shape the teams that we recruit so that they grow and develop in line with business need but also buy-in to our values. You have some apprentices who will perform way beyond expectation and take on far greater responsibilities than you would expect them to. We give them the opportunity to make as much of the role as they can, with the incentive that a job is there at the end for them."



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