Being an apprentice

Start your journey with an apprenticeship

You will be learning while working with your employer and also receiving weekly off the job training.

The result will be a nationally recognised qualification and invaluable industry experience.

Being an apprentice has lots of benefits, not only will you be learning and gaining a recognised qualification, you’ll be getting a salary, paid holiday and meet lots of new work colleagues.


The AAT Accounting Qualification is a widely recognised and respected qualification. It will provide you with the skills to follow a career in accountancy and finance.

Customer Service

A qualification designed for people who are communicating with customers on a regular basis, by telephone or face to face.

Business administration

You will cover all the basic tasks and equipment associated with the modern office.


This qualification is to increase the IT skills of people working in a various range of industries.

Digital marketing

Marketing has evolved and the rapid growth of social media companies has resulted in a dramatic swing towards digital.

Training centre

Directions and contact information for our training and exam centre in Northampton

For parents, it can be confusing working out what options are available after school. Some might not be right for your children and you should know there may be more suitable options.